Faster. Easier. Smarter.

Get into an era where you both recieve and deliver photo and video faster, easier and smarter than ever. Use your own photographers, or use media content delivered from the crowd. All joined into one workflow that you control. You could either be a large company in the news industry or a small event holder. PhotoCarrier enables you to aggregate photo- and video streams and publish them on the fly. You even get the post-production ability to archive all files in your own storage. If you have ever wondered what your next step in media delivery and efficiency should be, PhotoCarrier can give you a hint!

Streamlined workflow.



Digital workflow at full speed

How about shortening the flight time of media between location, newsroom and article? Or maybe you are hosting an event and want to display photos as the event goes along? PhotoCarrier is now introducing a smart and proactive distribution of photo and video in real-time! Now you will be able to let your audience be embraced by the stories happening right now.


Making things easier

With focus on great user experience for all parties of the workflow, the task of getting the story out there is simpler than ever. Imagine doing only the one thing you need, instead of going through a bunch of procedures. You'll end up wonder why this hasn't been done before!


Saving and earning money!

PhotoCarrier's streamlined workflow has the potensial of freeing resources in your publishing organization and makes you able to turn around on a dime. If you are an event holder, our solution is perfect for you as well. You can recieve photo and video from your audience, and choose to show them in real time, or save them for later use. With our responsive solutions, we are making you more attractive to consumers and audiences and opening doors into new markets you maybe haven't tought of before.

Real time. For everyone.


The pros.

Use the gear you use today. By using our solution, you will be able to utilize your time better and focus more on the task you're actually doing. You probably don't have to change the workflow you have today, but by using our app you get a simpler way of adding additional info and the possibility of routing photo and video through your organization.

The passionate.

We even cover the ground for you guys. Use your DSLR or a digital compact camera with a SD card slot, and get the possibilities of a Pro! By using our mobile app, you can transfer files from your camera via your mobile phone and to a live stream or a marketplace. We'll distribute it to the channels you are connected to and you may earn good money on your capture.

The crowd.

For the rest of you, we give you our app to make you able to transfer photo and video to our stream. By using our app, you can hook up to an event or choose to sell your photo or video to a publisher. You even get some additional benefits when submitting photo and video, which we will present to you all at a later time.

Get familiar.



Integrate with our API

PhotoCarrier is built on the idea of beeing open for integration end extenison. Based on that, you can integrate many of our API's into your own solutions to get an even better competetive edge.


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"This was really fun. PhotoCarrier is exactly what this kind of event needs!"
Therese Høstad, Olavsfestdagene